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Privacy Policy

We are deeply aware of the importance of personal information, and have a "law regarding the protection of personal information" (hereinafter referred to as the "personal information protection law") and "a number for identifying a specific individual in administrative procedures." Personal Information, Specified Personal Information and Personal Number (hereinafter referred to as "Specified Individual"), in compliance with the "Act on the Use of Personal Information" (hereinafter referred to as the "My Number Act") and other related laws (including guidelines). Information, etc.) is handled properly. * "Personal information" and "Personal data" in the text do not include specific personal information.

Acquisition of personal information, specific personal information, etc.
Provision of personal information, personal data, specific personal information, etc. to third parties
Shared use of personal information *Specific personal information is not included.
Safety management of personal information, specific personal information, etc.
Contact point for inquiries and complaints (notification of personal information and specific personal information, disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.)
Purpose of use of personal information and specific personal information
Consignment of handling personal data, specific personal information, etc.
Handling sensitive information (delicate personal information that should be treated with extreme caution)
Revision of personal information protection policy

Use of the site policy

Our copyrights and other rights with respect to all contents on this site, and it is prohibited to use them without permission.
The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user or a third party due to the operation of this site or the delay or interruption of the provision of information and services on this site.
If you move from this site to another site by a link, we are not responsible for the contents of those sites, nor do we endorse or guarantee those sites or their contents.

Solicitation policy

Based on the "Law concerning the sale of financial products," we will establish our solicitation policy as follows and strive for proper insurance sales.
Legal compliance
Legal compliance
Appropriate guidance
Appropriate guidance
Explanation of important matters
Explanation of important matters
Date and time, etc.
Date and time, etc.
Prompt and proper payment
Prompt and proper payment
Information management
Information management
Polite Naito
Polite Naito

Anti-social forces policy

The Company has established the following "Basic Policy for Antisocial Forces" and will endeavor to cut off relationships with antisocial forces and ensure the proper and sound performance of business.
Blocking relationships with antisocial forces
We fully recognize the importance of preventing damage to the Company, executives, employees, customers, etc. by our social responsibility to eliminate anti-social forces and anti-social forces, and we shall respond anti-social forces with a decisive attitude. It cuts off relationships with social forces.
Response as an organization
We will systematically respond to antisocial forces and give priority to ensuring the safety of officers and employees.
Prohibition of funding and fraudulent transactions
We will not provide any inappropriate or extraordinary facilities to antisocial forces to provide funds or cover up facts.
Cooperation with external specialized institutions
In order to obtain appropriate advice and cooperation when responding to antisocial forces, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with the police, the National Center for the Expulsion of Violence Movement Promotion Center, lawyers, and other external specialized institutions.
Legal response to civil and criminal matters in an emergency
We will proactively respond to unreasonable demands from antisocial forces, both civil and criminal.