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FAQ - Mirai Life

Ⅰ.About Application
Q. I'm living in Japan, how I can join Mirai Life Plans ?
A. Please apply from website ( or through agency. We will inform whether your application is accepted or not to join plan.
Q. What kind of illness is not covered by insurance?
A. If you have a serious chronic illness, you will not be able to get insurance. For mild illness, you may be eligible for insurance. Contact the company for details.
Q. If the health condition questions in application form applied YES, is it possible to get Insurance?
A. Please contact us as we are able to take out insurance under certain conditions.
Q. Do I need to submit a medical certificate to apply for insurance?
A. Only the "Notice Form" with Self Declaration is required when you subscribe.
Q. Can my parents abroad be the beneficiary?
A. Yes they can, However, it takes more time to process a claim if beneficiary is not in Japan.
Q. Is there any visa status barriers to enroll insurance plan and claim its benefits ?
A. There is no VISA barrier
Q. Can I have more than one insurance?
A. MIRAI LIFE Insurance plan is one person one plan.
Q. I can't speak Japanese, how I can get support and consultation ?
A. We have staff who can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, so please contact us for multilanguage support.
Ⅱ.Insurance Coverage
Q. Is it guaranteed even in the case of a pandemic such as a coronavirus?
A. Yes, It is guaranteed if you are hospitalized for the treatment of any illness includes COVID-19 kind of Pandemic.
Q. When are death benefits not paid?
A. Based on the submitted death certificate, the company will review and check whether the payment is applicable or not and determine whether to pay the death insurance benefits. It will be not paid for suicide within 3 years of isuue date. If the beneficiary kills the insured, the death benefit will not be paid.
Q. What is a severe disability condition?
A. I will give you three examples, and please reference the following terms.
1) Blindness in both eyes
2) No limbs below both elbows
3) Both legs are not below the knee
Q. Is it guaranteed in the case of a car accident?
A. Yes we pay benefits if the reason for payment is for hospitalization, surgery, etc. due to a traffic accident.
Q. Are normal deliveries eligible for benefits?
A. No. In the case of abnormal delivery (Caesarean section, miscarriage, etc.), the benefits are covered.
Q. I have applied from Mirai Life website, how long it will take to confirm application and get Insurnace plan effective ?
A. The contract will start on the 1st of the following month if application and payment term approval is confirmed.
Q. Who will be responsible to pay the cost of medical certificate from hospital?
A. You will be responsible for the cost of issuing the medical certificate.
Ⅲ.Insurance Claims and Benefits
Q. What is the process to claim benefits on hospitalization or Surgery ?
A. It is necessary to submit documents such as a claim form prescribed by the company and a medical certificate from a doctor. Whenever requesting for benefits, please call our support center.
Q. How long does it take to get benefits (In all the cases of benefits) ?
A. We will pay the benefit within 5 business days from the day after the documents necessary for claiming the benefit (without any defects) arrive at the company.
Q. Are there any hospitals or clinics that do not cover insurance and facilities?
A. Refers to a Japanese hospital or clinic that has the facility to accommodate patients as defined by medical law. Nursing Homes as specified by the Long Term Care Insurance Act, Nurses Homes and Nurses Homes as specified by the Nursing Care Care Act are not included.
Q. What kind of procedure is required if insured died abroad?
A. The procedure is the same as if you died in Japan, but you may need the cooperation of the embassy etc. to confirm insurance payment.
Q. What kind of procedure is required if Candidate hospitalized abroad?
A. The procedure is the same as if you hospitalized in Japan, but you need a medical certificate written in English from the hospital.
Ⅳ.Payments of Insurance Premium
Q. Is there a grace period for insurance payments?
A. There is a one-month grace period. In case of monthly payment, you have to pay for 2 months on the payment date of the next month.
Q. I don't have credit card and bank accounts in japan, how I can make payments ?
A. There are other payment methods for insurance premiums, so please contact our support center.
Q. Can I get a tax relief for life assurance premium?
A. No, you can't get tax benefit on insurance payment
Q. I already have national health insurnce, why I need to join Mirai Life Plan ?
A. You are applying for the purpose of reducing the medical expenses you pay at your own in case of high medical expenses such as hospitalization, surgery.
Q. What kind of Service is Mirai Life and what is the legal status ?
A. We are registered with Kanto local Finance Bureau as the small amount & short-term insurance company.
Q. I am in Japan as a temporary visitor, can I join Mirai life plan?
A. Yes can join but Mirai life is a product with an insurance period of one year, so it is recommended for those who stay for 1 year or more.
Q. If Insurance Company changed or bankrupt or shutdown - How Insured Customer effect ?
A. Even if the company goes bankrupt, the insurance period will not change, but the amount of coverage may be reduced.